Tales from the Tra Khuc River

Authored by Stew Harris

Copyright 2003.  Stew Harris.  All rights reserved

Counter Insurgency a la USN

A former destroyer driver (USS Black), who was only tangentially involved in Market Time Operations, later becomes CO/OinC of a Junk Patrol Base located just south of the Chu Lai TAOR and there had many adventures not available from the quarterdeck of a destroyer

By God Dai Uy!  You Were A Pretty Mean Sum Bitch

Telephone conversations thirty-three years after the main event reveal truths long buried

Dark and Stormy Night-II

Junk patrol and high drama on a river south of Chu Lai


First Helo Evacuation for Stew Harris from the Coastal Group 16 Base, south of Chu Lai

Nights 1, 2, and 3 ... An ambush that wasn't

The story of an ambush and its complexities


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